At Granmar we are committed to providing our customers with a sustainable and high quality supply of fish and seafood. We have established purchasing policies to ensure transparency and traceability, and only source from well-managed fisheries that are responsibly produced and harvested.


Knowing where our seafood comes from and how it was harvested is a priority at Granmar. Traceability of all our products allows our customers to make informed decisions about what they are purchasing. We support the sustainable food practices of:


We source the finest quality and variety of seafood every day. With over 100 fresh, frozen, and pasteurized items, you have access to a variety of products for all your fish and seafood needs. Our traceability standards include lot tracking, supplier compliance documentation, and specific receiving procedures:

Our Quality and Compliance Program consists of:

  • HACCP Plan at our Miami distribution center.
  • In-house inspection of product upon arrival.
  • Yearly third party audit for safe food handling based on stringent International guidelines as recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).
  • On-site inspections by USDA and USDC as required.

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